How I Can Help



If you are living a life that is consumed by unresolved past or recent  grief then my passion is to help and support you in moving forward to a place  where you  find meaning  and purpose to your life. Self compassion and self care are at the heart of your healing.

Self Esteem

Together we will work to identify the  root cause of your low self esteem and from there enable you to  develop genuine feelings of self worth, self belief and self love so you can build extradorinary confidence in your life. 


For many people self confidence is something that they admire in others but cannot seem to access for themselves. This often leads to  feelings of fear, anxiety and insecurity. You will learn that Self-confidence is understanding that you trust your own judgment and abilities, and that you value yourself and feel worthy, regardless of any imperfections or of what others may believe about you.


Loss comes in many forms,  the death of a loved one, loss of health, loss of job,  income, children leaving home, life changes such as divorce, moving home or retirement, pets dying or any other type of loss including the loss of normality and freedom from Covid. 


Relationships between people, especially those we are closest to physically and emotionally are continuously influenced by the many patterns stored in our subconscious. Together we will identify signs, behaviours and attitudes that indicate a fraying relationship and provide strategies for repairing what may seem lost or broken.. 

You May Also Know

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used for a large range of different services dealing with aspects of everyday life like insomnia , depression, burnout, overwhelm stress and anxiety, phobias to chronic pain.

Why Is My Approach Different ?

The core belief in Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that each client has the resources within them to overcome whatever it is they feel is holding them back. I work with you and not labels to focus on your solution together.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy puts you in touch with these resources, allowing you to move forward in life. 

With my lived experiences and own healing journey through understanding and applying Positive Psychology, I blend Life Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to enable my clients to move forward in life to achieve happiness and reach their goals which may have seemed previously out of reach. 

Watch the below 3 minute video: 

‘Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible’  St. Francis of Assisi