Covid 19 Support

The current COVID-19 pandemic will have affected us all in different ways: physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. Staff on the front line of health and social care services will experience varying levels of stress and distress at points. This is normal and predictable.

As much as this is a stressful time, we also know that people faced with chronic stress and adversity will often show enormous fortitude and resilience in the face of immense pressure at the time however may experience post trauma ill health in the future.

It is NOT just those on the front line of health and social care that will also be experiencing challenges attributed to Covid-19. Many of us have felt the ill effects of disconnection, job loss, health anxiety, depression, loss of control and so on – see my Blog post here

Understanding why we respond in the way that we do to pandemics and how you can better manage your emotional and physical well-being is key to reducing the ill effects and moving into a more settled new normal.

If you are struggling as a result of Covid-19 then get in touch to discover more about my 4 step programme that will ensure you enter this new normal being the best version of you, together we will:

Identify existing resources

Build individual resilience

Develop coping & adjustment skills

Reconnection with self and others through self-compassion