A brush with Covid 19, disconnection and loss…

There are many symptoms of COVID 19 which have received little media attention. 

These symptoms are due to the effects of loss of normality, loss of control, loss of connection and sadly the catastrophic loss of life. If you have suffered from an increase in anxiety, depression or fear for you future. You really are not alone. 

Some of you may even have tested positive for the virus and experienced the ill effects of this awful disease, shielded for months as a vulnerable group, been furloughed, lost your livelihoods or faced with multitasking home working with home schooling and so on.. 

Since Covid-19 hit our shores it has caused a tsunami of death and destruction on a global scale. This tsunami has resulted in a massive loss of life and loss of the life we all once knew.

What we are now experiencing is an overwhelm of grief, on a massive scale both personally and collectively. The loss of life and normality has almost become all consuming. It has taken many forms and its effects may be felt for many for a long time to come. 

With the incomprehensible death toll and for each of our individual losses, this pandemic has  resulted in a  global grieving process which many may NOT yet be aware of. 

There is our own grief of loss of our loved ones, for some this grief was compounded further by not being allowed to share in end of life care and attend funerals. 

Collectively the grieving process also took the form of denial by many that this was happening nor would it affect them. Then there was anger towards the Government that they didn’t do enough and  anger that we were forced to stay at home away from our families and friends. Next came the bargaining that if we were to social distance by 2 metres and wear face coverings we could go out to parks etc.. 

As the weeks have turned to months and fear of the ‘R’ factor rising is still a reality and is being shared all over the news and social media, many are experiencing a further decline in their emotional wellbeing. 

We have been denied the coping strategies and connections we  once relied upon to get us through the challenges of daily life, e.g. going to the gym, meeting a friend for coffee, going to the pub, cinema, theatre, holidays to recharge our batteries etc. 

We were forced into a lockdown and our coping strategies were taken from us. This led to a loss of freedom, a loss of normality and a loss of our control. They have been replaced by fear of our own mortality and fear for the future.

What is needed now are new coping strategies to free us from the fear and anxieties which may be holding us back and adding to poor mental and physical wellbeing. 

It is difficult during these unprecedented times to not give into our fears, and how the very things that are not within our control influence us as we struggle to see and visualise hope for the future.

Becoming hopeful again is a huge part of healing from loss, whichever guise our loss takes, perhaps the loss of a loved one is all consuming and you are struggling to see a future, or this pandemic has triggered feelings such as anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, depression which have resulted in you feeling stuck – then we can address this together. 

There are many ways I can guide you towards accepting where you are right now in your life and together we can find meaning from your loss.  It is in acceptance and finding meaning in your loss where your healing  journey begins with learning self love and compassion.

For some this may seem impossible right now, yet taking the first step and asking for help is a courageous step towards freeing yourself from negative painful emotions. Together we can find whatever your freedom looks like for you, slowly and at your own pace. 

Building on a new normal where you regain control, develop a routine, learn to create calm and focus on lasting self care will all help to free you from those unwanted feelings. 

Through my own experience and professional training I can help you therapeutically move forward in life again and find reasons to smile once more.

There is courage in vulnerability and there is always hope and along with a desire for change, together this change is possible.

Sometimes it is the little steps we take in life that end up being the biggest step of our life.

“Who are you at your best in the midst of your darkest days”   Maria Sirois

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