The Why

‘B+’ is the legacy of Mollie Barton who passed away in 2015 whilst waiting for a liver transplant that unfortunately never came. The inspiration for the brand name comes from Mollie’s blood type B+, the surname Barton, Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she was cared for and the ethos and motto that surrounded Mollie’s battle – to ‘be positive’ and remain hopeful throughout. 

So far the ‘B+’ message has reached all 4 corners of the world including London, Times Square, Hawaii, Boston, Vienna, Bali, New Zealand, The Maldives – the list goes on! And through spreading this love we have raised almost £30,000 for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.

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Ultimately, the ‘B+’ brand wishes to encourage everyone to turn adversity into positivity and to spread that love and hope around the world – an attitude which Mollie embodied and inspired in everyone she met. Where will your ‘B+’ journey take you?

Branding for Charity

‘B+’ is a unisex streetwear clothing brand that aims to raise awareness of the need for blood and organ donation whilst raising funds for the Children’s Liver Disease foundation.

50% of the profits from the sale of all B+ merchandise goes straight to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.

The Marvel of Mollie

The hole you have left behind will never be filled and our hearts are eternally broken. But in time, the joy you filled everyone around you with may bring some comfort for this pain.

Mollie never wanted to be treated any differently to her peers, so much so that there were many who never knew the real depth of her struggles right up to the very end of her life,” said her mum Monica.

“She had a laugh that was infectious and she is so lovingly remembered as the kindest soul who always had a smile on her face and always had time for others.”

Monica, and Mollie’s sister Lauren, launched an awareness campaign called B Positive (B+) to promote the importance of organ and blood donation.

On July 29, staff from the fracture clinic at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, where Monica is a nurse, took part in a 10-mile Mollie’s Walk around Grafham Water.

‘We have little control over the frequency and intensity of sorrow in our lives, we do however have control over one essential thing … ourselves and how we respond to the unpredictability of our one tender life’  Maria Sirios